posture alignment specialist

“Every time I see the look of amazement on someone’s face when they see the improvement in their posture or tell me the things they can now do, I feel blessed to be part of their journey. I believe so many of us in today’s world accept things as they are rather than striving for what they could be. For anyone thinking of embracing the idea that life could be better, take the leap and start by improving your posture.”
Bachelor of Nursing (Deakin University)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion) (Deakin University)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) (Inspired Education)
Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) (Egoscue University)

Clinton has always been drawn to helping people as he first started his career in nursing, and now launching Posture Therapy.

Growing up, Clinton was always described as being “injury prone”. This continued well into adulthood until Clinton had a serious wrist injury on the basketball court. He found himself unable to work, exercise or take care of himself. He had no coping mechanisms and found himself at a loss. Imagine how he felt when he was told he could never do push ups again and the range of movement in his wrist would always be very limited.

When he was able to return to work, he felt frustrated. He was stuck with a bad wrist and felt as though he would not be able to move forward with his life. A chance encounter introduced him to Egoscue postural therapy and he never expected this would be the start of his life changing journey. He noticed an immediate improvement in his alignment and what was even more rewarding, was after a couples of months of treatment - he was able to exercise and play basketball without injury or pain for the first time in his life. His wrist improved beyond what he could imagine and he can now do push ups! He believes that through Posture Therapy, he will be one day be free of limitations.

For Clinton, the Egoscue method of postural therapy has changed his life. When he took the leap to train as a practitioner, he found himself with a renewed purpose and his desire to help people had found its place.